Dance school X-Ray from Manchester, United Kingdom.

We are a young dance school from Manchester. We have chosen this company because they work with honest products. Through a friend the owner of our dance school met this clothing brand. In terms of price there was little difference with other brands. At first it was exciting to enter the cooperation. This is because we are in Manchester and the clothing brand in Germany. The risk would be that the delivery would not be on time for the World Championship. We are participating in this. And if this delivery is not good then we do not have a good outfit for the World Championship.

And arranging a different outfit in such a short time is very difficult. If there had to be a correct delivery from Germany, then it would not be possible in time anyway. Fortunately, this was not the case. It was a small risk in advance, but we took the right bet. The delivery was there within a week and everything was perfect for each other. The material was very soft and elastic. Also, the fit of the outfits was perfect. We also received an extra box with gifts. These included key rings, bracelets and caps. We will now also use these caps for our shows. This cooperation went very well on both sides.

Dance school Extreme from London, United Kingdom.

Deposit bonus

We have qualified for the world championship street dance in Tokyo. For this we had to do several preliminary rounds. First in London, then in Paris and then in Berlin. It happened at the last preliminary round in Berlin. The day before qualifying there was a scholarship. This fair was in the centre of the city. Near the big square in the middle of the city. This exhibition was for clothing brands for dancers. We came across this company at this fair. The beautiful stand of this company really stood out at the fair. We were immediately very curious about what they would have to offer. We have not immediately gone to this brand. We waited a moment. We saw that this brand looked beautiful.

But first we wanted to see what the fair had to offer. We also wanted to give other brands a chance to sponsor us if they had something good to offer. We had to have the confidence in one of those companies. But that did not really happen. After having visited many companies and having heard their story, we have not chosen it. These companies did not make enough impression on us unfortunately. They found this a shame. We ourselves of course. Eventually we went back to the company that we saw first. These people were very well prepared. They had a clear and honest story. The choice was very easy for us. So, we chose for this company. Up till now, the collaboration is still very successful.