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We specialize in dance clothes for women. With our sportswear you will be just a little easier! With the perfect fitting and fabric, you start every dance perfectly. It is important that you start dancing well prepared. Without the right clothing you run the risk of injuring yourself. Nobody wants that! Assume you are at the right address here.

Our product

The product we have manufactured is of the finest quality. We consciously opted for sustainability. In our factory in Berlin we work with fabric that is woven from sheep that live on the German Wadden Islands. So honest materials from Europe have been chosen. The sheep have been treated all their lives as if they were pearls. They are not locked up in a corner of 1 square meter. They can roam freely on the Wadden Islands and graze the grass and the plants that grow there in nature. In addition, they are fed fine chunks that are made from animal meat waste, not from chemical junk. We stand for honest products.


From the beginning we work together with Blackjack, Deposit bonus, Spinpalace and Betway Deutschland. These parties are very interested in working together with a company that deals with the environment. This company must then produce a good product. Blackjack, Deposit bonus, Spin palace Canada and Betway Germany all use environmentally friendly products. For example, in these casinos all carpets come from our factory. These carpets are woven from sheep wool. Not from just sheep. No! From the sheep that graze on the Wadden Islands. Ultimately, wire is made from the wool. These threads are then dyed green. This way the carpets in these casinos are created. It is well known that at Blackjack, Casino Deposit bonus, Spinpalace and Betway Germany almost every room is covered with green carpet.

Betway Germany

The toilets are not, however, there are tiles. In the other rooms at Blackjack, Deposit bonus, Spinpalace and Betway Germany there is carpet everywhere. Not in the kitchen alone. This would be very difficult with cleaning. Playing games at Blackjack, Deposit bonus, Spinpalace and Betway Germany is becoming more attractive for players with green carpets. game they play very often in Germany is das Book of ra Spielautomat. At a casino, visitors quickly think of the colour green. How is this possible? Where does this come from? Did Blackjack, Deposit bonus, Spinpalace and Betway Germany respond to this? Here certainly have responded to. They let us know that last year. We asked why Blackjack, Deposit bonus, Spinpalace and Betway Germany wanted to buy so many green fabrics from us. They first pretended to be another company under one name. But when we asked who we would deliver, they still wanted to tell it. When we noticed this we were very curious.

The name

Almost immediately they said that Blackjack, Deposit bonus, Spinpalace and Betway Germany do not fall under one company. They are all separate companies. They wanted to buy green carpets together to create economies of scale. If they all ordered separately, this would probably cost more money. The downside now is that Blackjack, Deposit bonus, Spinpalace and Betway Germany now all have the same kind of carpets in their business. This ensures that they cannot distinguish themselves from each other. The other side of the story is that they have now saved quite a bit of money. This is because they have ordered the carpets in a large batch. At first, we did not want them to try to fool us. This is not neat. If they had just called and wanted to consult for a better price, consultation would certainly be possible.

We are always open to new adventures and challenges. This also includes being open to new parties. It is logical that a new party does not immediately want to pay the main prize. This is also entirely justified. It is important that both parties agree in part. That way you come to the best solution. In the first instance, both parties think that they should take the opportunity as far as possible. But if you start discussing then you notice quickly enough that it does not work that way anyway. Both parties must water with the wine to come to a solution. After doing this several times, you understand as an entrepreneur that it works in this way.